Palmetto Real Estate

Palmetto is located in northern Bradenton near the Manatee River. It has an old-town feel and quaint charm with preserves and parks that make ideal places for boating and biking. Since the area sees over 242 sunny days annually and January lows generally don't fall below 50 degrees, residents have plenty of opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities.


While many cities have either blue-collar or white-collar dominance, Palmetto has a nicely mixed workforce of both types of jobs. Mainly, you’ll find office workers, sales people, service providers and professionals. Employment opportunities abound in maintenance occupations, sales and administrative support. While Florida has a reputation for a higher cost of living, in Palmetto it's actually just below the national average.

Things to Do

Since some parts of Palmetto touch tidal bodies of water, you’ll find lots of bays and inlets. This makes the city conducive to waterfront activities. Annual events in Palmetto include Heritage Day, the De Soto Children’s Parade, Taste of Manatee, the De Soto Seafood Festival, Farm City Week and various cultural festivals. Even in the winter there's plenty to look forward to because the Manatee County Fair comes to town at the end of January and lasts 10 days.

Shopping opportunities include the Palmetto Walk Shopping Village and the Ellen Outlet Mall. The latter is located in Bradenton, less than a 10-minute drive away from the community.

Housing and Education Overview

This small coastal city has nine principal neighborhoods with a total of just over 13,000 inhabitants. Desirable residential listings can be found especially along the Manatee River. The median price per square foot for Palmetto real estate is approximately $130. While the median home value is just over $180,000, you can find a move-in ready, one-bedroom home for well under $100,000.

Residents of Palmetto are served by 11 public schools and three charter schools, two of which have GreatSchools ratings of 7 and 8. For every teacher in the public school system, there are 16 students. Children may also attend a local private school. One in four Palmetto residents has a college degree.

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