Bradenton Real Estate

Established in 1842 and incorporated in 1903, Bradenton is a suburb of the Sarasota area with plenty of amenities to satisfy the needs of any homebuyer. According to Movota, Bradenton offers 142 amenities per square mile, and the city rests comfortably on the golf coast, which is ideal for anyone who loves the sun and sand. The city was recently named one of the top three cities to retire in the United States, based on a study conducted by Movoto.

Population and Things to Do in Bradenton

As of 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates 54,437 people are living in Bradenton. The close proximity to Florida's gulf coast beaches and Anna Maria Island make the city a perfect final destination for new or first-time homebuyers. The city is home to the South Florida Museum and Bishop Planetarium and the 12-story high Bradenton Financial Center. Over 20 miles of beaches along Florida's Gulf coast into Tampa Bay encompass Bradenton.


There are 52 schools in Bradenton with the Robert Willis Elementary School being one of the highest rated schools in Florida. The Bradenton public school system is part of Manatee County, which has a student to teacher ratio of 16:1. Manatee County spends approximately $8,795 per student each year and received a rating of 6 from

Real Estate Options

According to Movato, the average median list price in Bradenton is $324,900 with an available active inventory of 1,649 homes. One month ago, the average list price was $325,000, and one year ago, the median list price was $345,410. Since February of 2107, list prices in Bradenton stabilized with no significant increase or decrease in housing prices. The average rent in Bradenton is $1,136 per month with 51.9 percent of the population owning homes and 48.1 percent renting, according to

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